Collaborations & Links


Anna Larsson Design

The book ANNIKA SVENSSON Contemporary Sensitivities

Mattiassons Kakelugnsmakeri AB


AIC – IAC member

The International Academy of Ceramics is the leading organisation representing the interests of professionals in the field of ceramics worldwide.


Swedish Fine Crafts Since 1951, gallery and shop in Stockholm.

KHVC Konsthantverkscentrum

The aim for the Swedish Craft Centre is to highlight, develop and enhance the position of craft in contemporary culture, nationally as well as internationally.

The Public Art Agency Sweden / Statens Konstråd

My abstract, site specific installation at the Swedish Tax Agency in Solna, outside Stockholm, with the title Liquid, Flowing, Dripping … Dropping, Dripping.

The upper Secondary school Ållebergsgymnasiet

The high school in Falköping Kommun/municipality shows how my public art is used when students celebrate graduation.

Fullersta Gård

Among the interiors are magnificent tiled stoves from four centuries. One is from the 1780s, another from the 1830s, a third is made in 1910 and the fourth with motifs of oak leaves and acorns was specially ordered in 2009 by tile stove maker / ceramicist Annika Svensson, active in Gothenburg. A fifth tiled stove dates from the 18th century.

The Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park

In Shiga Prefecture, Japan. Artist-In-Residence Program.