Creation of contemporary art
in public spaces

For me, it is important to highlight something unique for a site specific place in society and work in a larger scale adapted to public space. In recent years, the emphasis in my work has been on artistic commissions for schools, hospitals and cultural centers for the local council, region or state.

As an artisan, I make sculptures in ceramics, in my studio. I also design in other materials such as LED lighting, aluminum, acrylic, bronze, wrought iron, concrete and stone, or in combination with each other. I choose materials that are durable and specific for each project. This is often done in collaboration with subcontractors to achieve the best results.

I do meticulous research on the place’s history, culture and its activities. Ideas emerge, and are developed and finally realized. It is important that the commission harmonizes with the architecture and interacts with its physical and social environment.

”A unique work of art is created with strong intrinsic values, integrated into buildings and their surroundings.”