Born in 1970 in Varberg, Sweden

Annika Svensson Keramik & Kakelugnar (Ceramics & Swedish Tiled Stoves)
Kaponjärgatan 4 D, 413 02 Göteborg, Sweden

+46 70 885 05 44

Education in Sweden

2012 Entrepreneurship for the Art, 15 credits, Academy of Music and Drama at the University of Gothenburg
2012 Woodfired Landscapes 7,5 credits, Ceramic, HDK - Academy of Design and Craft at the University of Gothenburg
2000 Clay at Nääs sand casting/wood-fired kilns 4 credits, Ceramic Art, HDK - Academy of Design and Craft
1997 MFA - Master of Fine Arts in Applied Arts and Crafts
1991-97 Ceramic Art, HDK – Academy of Design and Craft at the University of Gothenburg
1990-91 Preparatory Art School – KV Konstskola, Gothenburg

Symposiums, Seminars & Workshops

2021 On the Edge The 49th Congress of the IAC in Rovaniemi/Posio, Finland
2019 Tiled Stoves Seminar in Vänersborg, Sweden
2018 Scan Ceram Ceramic Conference in Tolne, Denmark
2018 Artist in Residency, SCCP in Shigaraki, Japan
2017 China (Zibo) International Ceramics Expo 2017
2016 Stone workshop in Kashan, Iran
2016 Workshops Building Dogonhouse & Sculpturing in wood in Dakar, Senegal
2014 Stone workshop in DaNang, Vietnam
2014 Ceramic Context Conference Bornholm, Denmark
2013 Scan Ceram Ceramic Conference in Tolne, Denmark
2012 International Ceramic Workshop Woodfired Landscapes at HDK/Nääs at the University of Gothenburg
2010 Kakelugnsseminarium Visby, Sweden
2007 GRUPPARBETE:2007 Conference at Nääs, Sweden the Swedish Center of Crafts and Nääs Konsthantverk
2006 Mould-making for concrete a course at The Gerlesborg School of Fine Art, Sweden
2005 Synas Crafts Conference, Gothenburg, the Swedish Center of Crafts/Crafts Biennial 2005, Sweden
2005 NCECA 2005 39th Annual Conference, Baltimore, USA
2003 Hvordan beskrive det som unndrar seg språket? Seminar at Bomuldsfabriken in Arendal, Norway
2003 Nordic Contemporary Craft Conference, Sweden
2003 Workshop with Danish and Swedish ceramists at Børglum
1998 Keramik ́98 Nordic Symposium Konstfack, Sweden
1997 Nordic Ceramic-workshop assistent to Torbjørn Kvasbø, SWE
1996 Ceramics in Networks in Helsinki, Finland
1995 International Blown Glass Symposium L ́viv, Ukraine

LECTURER (a selection)

2021 Artist talk at Konsthantverkarna during Stockholm Craft Week
2019 Contemporary Sensitivities Bokrelease at Kulturnatta (Culture Night), slide shows and talks at Svensk Form Väst (the West Swedish Society of Crafts and Design)
2019 Tiled Stoves Seminar in Vänersborg, Sweden
2018 Adventure in Japan Scan Ceram Ceramic Conference Denmark
2017 Swedish Designers in Zibo, China International Ceramics
2014 Sällskapet Gnistan (Society Gnistan), Sweden
2013 Swedish Tiled Stoves Pecha Kucha at Scan Ceram - Ceramic Conference, Denmark
2010 Tiled Stoves Seminar Gotland University, Gotlands Museum and Föreningen Bruk, in Visby, Sweden
2009 Tiled Stoves in my way at Rörstrand in Sweden
2008 Unique Tiled Stoves Konstfack - University of Arts, Crafts and Design, Ceramics and Glass, Sweden
2005 Unique Tiled Stoves the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, USA
2004 Unique Tiled Stoves Abako Architects, Sweden
2003 My Tiled Stoves Børglum Kloster, Denmark


2018-19 The clay, the flame, the glow Vänersborgs Konsthall
2014 The Home & the Heart of the House The Gallery Anna H
2010 Art in public space at X-ray, USÖ Konstfrämjandet Bergslagen in Örebro
2010 In the middle of Huddinge Fullersta Gård in the Huddinge municipality Art Center
2008-09 It is flourishing solo tour at Dalslands Konstmuseum, Glasbruksmuseet in Surte, Rian Designmuseum
2005 Movements and heat Nääs Konsthantverk Gallery
2004 Annika Svensson, Eva-Marie Kothe and Göran Ivarsson Gallery Anna H, Bovallstrand
2004 A ceramic lanscape-ideal at Lerverk Gallery, Gothenburg
1999 Keramik & Kakelugnar Gallery 125 Kvadrat, Stockholm
1998 Tiled Stoves and Storypots Heagård, Halmstad


2020 Group show #1 Vulkano Konsthall, Göteborg, Sweden
2017 Hertha Bengtson Grant Recipients at Höganäs Museum, Sweden
2017 Summer is here Galleri Anna H, Bovallstrand, Sweden
2015 Belonging Konsthantverkarna, Stockholm, Sweden
2012 Var dags fägring Konsthantverkarna, Sofiero slott, Sweden
2011-12 Signed KHV 60 anniversary tour: Rian Designmuseum, ArkDes, Malmö Form Design Center, Sweden
2011 Swedish Love Stories juried show, Svensk Form (the Swedish Society of Crafts and Design), Superstudio Píu in Milan, Italy
2009 Nääs Crafts Konstforum in Norrköping, Sweden
2009 Four ceramists from Gothenburg Lidköpings Konsthall, Sweden
2009 Röhsska Konstslöjdsalong 2009 juried Art Salon Museum of Design and Crafts, Gothenburg, Sweden
2005-08 100 thoughts about crafts juried national touring exhibition in Sweden, & Jyväskylä Finland
2005 Green is good juried exhibition, Röhssska - Museum of Design and Craft, Sweden
2005 Kraft 2005 juried exhibition, Gallery Gula Byggningen, Gustavsbergs Hamn, Sweden
2005 The Swedish Show Contemporary Ceramic Art at Meyerhoff Galleries MICA, NCECA in Baltimore, USA
2004 White juried exhibition in Fiskars, Finland
2003 Danish and Swedish ceramics Børglum Kloster, Denmark
2002-03 Twelve/Thirteen Hertha Bengtson Grant Recipients Svensk Form Design Forum (the Swedish Society of Crafts and Design) and Höganäs Museum, Sweden
2002 Lerverk Frederikshavn Kunstmuseum, Denmark
2002 Houses Gallery Anna H in Gothenburg, Sweden
2001 Konsthantverk 2001 juried exhibition at Röda Sten Konsthall in Gothenburg, Sweden
2000 Hedens Lustgård A garden exhibition in Gothenburg, Sweden
1997-98 Swedish tiled stoves, Coffee & Potatoes (Swedish news in the 18th century) Östergötlands Länsmuseum, Sweden
1997 Embryo of the Year and Excellent Swedish Design ́97 at the Volvo exhibition hall in Stockholm, Sweden
1997 Debut exhibition Läckö Slott (Castle), Sweden
1997 Thesis exhibition Röhsska Museet - Museum of Design and Craft, Gothenburg, Sweden

Fairs & Markets

2017 Swedish Designer The 17th China (Zibo) International Ceramics Expo
2010 Turquoise tiled stove EU-nique Arts & Crafts applied arts and design, Karlsruhe Trade Fair Center, Germany
2010 Picnic-hut Bod 2010, Byggnadsvård Nääs, Sweden
2009 Upmarket organized by KHVC - Swedish Center of Crafts, took place in Trädgårdsföreningen/The Garden Society of Gothenburg, one of the best- preserved 19th century parks in Europe.
2008 Konsthantverksmarknad 2008 KHVC, Kronhusets Gård, Göteborg, Sweden
2007-09 White tiled stove, Naples yellow tiled stove with green loops, Turquoise tiled stove Stockholm Furniture Fair, Sweden

Public art commissions in Sweden

2021 The Moss-green Tiled Stove Public Art at Cyklotronen moved from x-ray Pet/CT University hospital in Örebro, for the Region Örebro Län
2021 Sketch commission Härlandatjärn Elementary School Göteborg
2020 Sketch commission Envikens Preschool Falun Borlänge Regionen
2018 Be Optimistic at Gustaf Dalén Elementary School in Falköping municipality
2015 Liquid, Flowing, Dripping ... Dropping, Dripping for the Public Art Agency Sweden, Public Art at the Swedish Tax Agency in Solna
2013 Golden neck collar at Ållebergsgymnasiet Upper secondary school, Falköping municipality
2012 Megalith benches at Ållebergsgymnasiet Upper secondary school, Falköping municipality
2009-10 The Moss-green Tiled Stove Public Art at x-ray Pet/CT University hospital in Örebro, for the Region Örebro Län
2008-09 The Fullersta Tiled Stove Public Art at Fullersta manor in the Huddinge municipality Art Center, Huge Fastigheter AB

Tiled stoves commissions

2021 New design of a tiled stove nearby Stockholm, SWE
2020-21 The Swedish Arts Grants Committee - project grant: new- creating Troll mossy design of tiled stove with heated divan
2020 Oak leaf tiled stove and Free-standing gray tiled stove, Stockholm archipelago, SWE
2016-17 Creating a tiled stove for a private client in Jonsered at the lake Aspen, SWE
2012 Making 39 complementary tiles to reconstruct an older tiled stove to a private client north of Stockholm, SWE
2011-12 Creating a wine-red tiled stove for a low-energy-house, ‘Villa Äntligen,’ in Haninge, SWE
2008 Permanent installation of Green detached tiled stove, nearby Stockholm, SWE
2007-08 Creating a tiled stove for a Eco-house in England, GBR
2007-08 Creating a tiled stove for a new built house, Scotland, GBR
2006 Reconstruction of decorated tiled stove from circa 1750, property of Anitra Steen and Göran Persson, former Swedish Prime Minister
2000-03 The Swedish Arts Grants Committee - project grant: new- creating of Sculptural and White plain Swedish tiled stoves
1999 Advisor for production of tiled stoves at Bältarbo Tegelbruk, Hedemora, SWE
1998– A lot of reconstructions made of decorated old tiled stoves, during the years, all over Sweden

Professional experiences

Woodfiring in Anagama kilns

Working at the Residency at Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park in 2018.

Artists at the same period: Cho Kwanghun KOR, Luisa Maisel FRA, Rena Kudoh JPN, Riyoo Kim JPN, Sayuri Ikake JPN, Kozy Kitchens USA/JPN, Tomonari Hashimoto JPN Ian Wieczorek USA, Nao Hara JPN, etc.

Participating in the International Workshop Woodfired Landscapes at HDK in 2012.

Invited artists: Nina Hole DNK, Torbjørn Kvasbø NOR, Takeshi Yasuda GBR/JPN, Annett Florén SWE, Satoru Hoshino JPN, Ching Yuen Chang TWN, Keith Ekstam USA etc.

Organizers: Eva Zethraeus SWE and Zach Tate USA.

Workshops and travels

Working at the Residency at Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park in 2018.

Building Dogon-house (clay work) in Toubab Dialaw, and Making wood sculptures in Dakar, both in Senegal 2016.

Making art work in red marble in Kashan, Iran 2016.

Visiting China in 2005, and some tile factories nearby Beijing. The Terracotta Army in Xi’an, one of UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a collection of terracotta sculptures depicting the armies of Qin Shi Huang, the first Emperor of China. And also Fule International Ceramic Art Museums, which combines museum and residency services together in Fuping.

Collected glass piece in Ukraine

During my education at HDK we were three student participating in the International Blown Glass Symposium in 1995, at first collected at the L’viv Historical Museum in Ukraine, and now our glass pieces can be seen at the new Glass Museum since 2013.

The collection of the Museum consists of more than 350 art pieces gathered during International Blown Glass Symposiums, which were held in L’viv every three years beginning with 1989. More than 150 glass artists, art critics and admirers of glass art from 32 countries took part in it. https://glassmuseuminlviv.org/en/

2019 Painter apprentice, only linseed oil painting, for Hedens Måleri, Sweden
2019 Assistance with tiling of public art at Lerums Arena for Backa Carin Ivarsdotter, Sweden
2015-18 Instructor for an apprentice in ceramics full time during 100 weeks. Commissioned by Stiftelsen Hantverk & Utbildning, Sweden
2017 Investigating design collaborations in China
2015 Designing a cup for Fullersta gård, Huddinge Kommun (municipality) Art Center, SWE
2014 Stone workshop in DaNang, Vietnam
2013-14 Teaching in course Actionplan at HDK in Stenby - Academy of Design and Crafts, University of Gothenburg, Sweden
2010 Designing a pot for Fullersta gård, Huddinge Kommun (municipality) Art Center, SWE
2009 Juror at the Upmarket in Göteborg, Sweden
2004 Technician at HDK - Academy of Design and Crafts, University of Gothenburg, Sweden
2003 Teaching in ceramics at Art College in Gothenburg, Sweden
2001 Juror at the Upmarket in Göteborg, Sweden
1997-00 Technician at HDK - Academy of Design and Crafts, University of Gothenburg, Sweden


2014 Nominated for the Best Swedish Building of the Year in 2014 by Byggindustrin for ’Ållebergsgymnasiet’ in Falköping, SE
2010 Bronze prize for the Picnic-hut in the competition Hut 2010 Slöjd & Byggnadsvård Nääs (Crafts & Building Preservation)
2008 Winner of The best exposition at Upmarket, in Gothenburg arranged by KHVC - the Swedish Center of Crafts
1997 Winner of Embryo of the Year ’97 elected from the 1997 body of Swedish design and crafts students, published in FORM magazine no. 4/97. HDK Ceramic Art was awarded for the best program, HDK for the best art education in Sweden

GRANTS (a selection)

The following rationale for Annika Svensson’s grant was issued by The Cultural Affairs Committee of the Region Västra Götaland in 2013:

”For twenty years, Annika Svensson has rejuvenated an entire line of ceramics with nerd-like insistence and tenacity. The tiled stove, for centuries a proud companion in Swedish homes, is given a sculptural form in addition to its utilitarian purposes, in her hands. Large, warm and inviting, her tiled stoves become magical linchpins and we continue to gather round them like moths, just like before.”

The Swedish Arts Grants Committee – one year working grant (twice); two years working grant;
project grants (twice): new-creating of Swedish tiled stoves

IASPIS – the Swedish Arts Grants Committee’s international program for Visual and Applied Artists

(several times: Fiskars/FIN, Baltimore/USA, NCECA/USA, Zibo/CHN, Jingdezhen/CHN)

The Barbro Osher Pro Suecia Foundation

The Region Västra Götaland – AIR, Cultural grants, Working grant

Estrid Ericson Foundation (several times)

The Längmanska Cultural Foundation (twice)

Helge Ax:son Johnson Foundation (several times)

The Foundation Wilhelm and Martina Lundgrens Understödsfond (several times)

Sleipnir, NIFCA Nordic Institute for Contemporary Art (twice)

Teodor and Hanne Mannheimer Foundation

Otto and Charlotte Mannheimer Foundation

The Foundation August Ringnér Grant Foundation

The Gothenburg City – cultural grants (twice)

Anna Ahrenbergs Grant Foundation

Letterstedtska Föreningen Nordic artistic exchange, Anagama firing

Sällskapet Arbetsflitens Befrämjande

Konsthantverkets Vänner (Friends of the Arts and Crafts)

The Hertha Bengtson Grant Foundation

Sten, Stellan and Märtha Hähnel Foundation

Fredrika Bremer Förbundets Stipendiestiftelse (Association’s Grant Foundation)

Swedish Institute – International Blown Glass Symposium L ́viv, Ukraine

Göteborgs Slöjdförening (The Gothenburg Society of Crafts and Design)

REPRESENTED (a selection)

China Ceramics Museum, Zibo

Public Art Agency Sweden https://statenskonstrad.se/konst/flytande-rinnande-droppande-dripp-dropp/

Rian designmuseum, Falkenbergs Museum

Region Örebro Län

Falköpings kommun https://www.allebergsgymnasiet.se/

Fullersta gård, Huddinge kommuns Konstcentrum https://sv.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fullersta_g%C3%A5rd

Västerås Art Museum

The Pharmacy Art Association

The Cultural Affairs Committee of the Region Västra Götaland, Västfastigheter

The Swedish Parliament

The Gothenburg Botanical Garden

Handelsbanken’s Art Society

Collectums Art Association

The Glass Museum in L’viv Ukraine


2019– AIC - IAC International Academy of Ceramics
2008-11 Väst Svensk Bygg Konst - West Swedish Building Art
2004– Konsthantverkarna, Gallery & Shop Stockholm, Sweden
2002-10 Nääs Konsthantverk Gallery & Shop, Nääs slott (castle), Sweden
2000-05 Lerverk, Gallery & Shop, Gothenburg, Sweden
1998– Slöjd & Byggnadsvård, Sweden
2001– Studio Fältspat (Feldspar) in Gothenburg, Sweden
1997-01 Studio Three Room in Gothenburg, Sweden
1997– Swedish Artists’ Association, professional visual artists, craftsmen and designers - KRO
1997– Swedish Center of Crafts - Konsthantverkscentrum
1997– The Visual Copyright Society in Sweden - Bildupphovsrätt i Sverige

Papers & Magazines

Svenska Dagbladet Magasinet 17 Feb 2007 Furnish with new shapes; 2 okt / Oct 2004 Tiled stoves are taking new shapes

Göteborgs Posten Bostad 30 Nov 2020 A tiled stove becomes the center of the home; Idag 2 Jun 2017 Annika gives new life to the Prime Minister’s tiled stove; Kultur & Nöje 12 Feb 2014 Tiled stoves with exclusive charisma; Två dagar 3 Sep 2011 Tiled stoves up the walls

Metro Bostad 20 Mar 2008 With arts and crafts in the center; 28 Mar 2007 New way to old craftsmanship

Expressen / Gt Kvällsposten Res 7 July 2005 Fancy design at Nääs Konsthantverk; Leva & Bo 16 Feb 2008 My tiled stove is a piece of jewelry; 24 Feb 2007 Reconnaissance – turquoise tile stove; 10 May 2003 Winning ceramics; 24 Aug 2002 Designer of the week

Falköpings Tidning 17 Jan 2013 Bright and spacious school; 21 Jan 2013 Inauguration; 6 Nov 2013 The building of the year

SLA Skaraborgs Allehanda 11 Jan 2017 Public art at Gustaf Dalénskolan

Ttela 1 December 2018 The tiled stove is a unique heat source

Vänersborgaren 4 Feb 2019 Popular seminar about tiled stoves Warming artwork for our homes

Wohn!Deseign Style Guide 2012 Romantische Reminiszenzen

Mat & Vänner Inred #2 2009 Kakelugnskonst (Tiled stove’s art)

Kloka Hem #5 2012 Zero Energy House Villa Äntligen #5 2008 The tiled stove lowers your heating costs

Gård & Torp #9 2009 Newly manufactured tiled stoves

Lantliv #12 2008 Beautiful heat sources

Elle Interiör #63 Februari 2003 Warming sculptures; #47 2001 I krukornas värld (In the world of pots)

Residence #10 2009 New flames; #2 2007 Best at the furniture fair?

Drömhem & Trädgård #1 2010 Fabulous tiled stoves

Antik & Auktion #2 Feb 2008 The tiled stove a warming story; #4 Apr 2007 Kakelugnsmästarinnan; #11 Nov 2002 Bold and simple

Gods & Gårdar #11 2009

Ceramic Review ((GB) Jan/Feb 2012 #253 Functional fires text Petter Eklund, translation Jeremy Franks

Ceramic Art Monthly (Korea) #September 2004 World Ceramic Artist Annika Svensson Keramik & Kakelugnar text Kim Jeoung-Ah; #August 2004 World Ceramic Artist Annika Svensson Exhibition at Lerverk text Kim Jeoung-Ah

Ceramic Monthly (USA) #April 2003 Upfront Twelve Swedish Ceramists Receive Grants, image of my tiled stove

Zenit #49 autumn 2016 Kakelugnar för tjugoförsta seklet (The tiled stoves for the 21st century) text Mailis Stensman; #58 winter 2019 Inte bara kakelugnar (Not only tiled stoves) text Olle Niklasson

Svenskt Konsthantverk #4/2012 Skönhet och generös värme till lägsta pris (Beauty and generous warmth at the lowest price) text Bo Borg

Form #3/03 Important, more important, most important; #1/03 Designforum Svensk Form; #4/97 The Embryo of the Year’97

Hemslöjd #5/2020 Kakelugnens återkomst (The return of the tiled stove) text Petter Eklund; #6/2010 Från kall lera till varmt kakel (From cold clay to hot tile) text Jonatan Malm; #4/2003 Tretton utvalda keramiker (Thirteen chosen ceramists)

Byggindustrin #35 1 Nov 2013 Årets Bygge 2014 (The building of the year 2014)

Byggnadskultur #4.18 Tiled stove seminar in Vänersborg

Arkitektur #6 2013 Ållebergsgymnasiet/Sweco

Filter #22 Okt/Nov 2011 Technique: Kakel spektakel

Vi #5 jun 2005 Keramiker med glöd

Television & radio

Kulturmagasinet Sverige SVT 2 November 2007 A presentation of Unique Tiled Stoves

Aktuellt SVT 26 of April 2003 A presentation of Unique Tiled Stoves

Västnytt SVT 31 of August Konsthantverk 2001

Husesyn SR 3 sep 1997 Årets Embryo ’97


Swedish Love Stories Svensk Form i Milano 2011, Italy

EU-nique 2010 Karlsruhe Messe, Germany

Annika Svensson Keramik & Kakelugnar folder 2010 text Petter Eklund, translation Jeremy Franks

Röhsska Konstslöjdsalong 2009 Museum of Design and Craft

The Swedish Show Contemporary Swedish Ceramics in US 2005

White Exhibition in Fiskars, Finland 2004

Annika Svensson Keramik & Kakelugnar folder 2004 text Love Jönsson, translation Rebecca Landmér

Tolv Hertha Bengtson Stipendiater text Love Jönsson, translation Rebecca Landmér, 2002 (ISBN 91-631-3059-9)

Konsthantverk 2001 Exhibition at Röda Sten, Gothenburg, Sweden

Annika Svensson Keramik & Kakelugnar folder 1999


Färga garn och sticka Naturligt med växter, svampar, lavar och löss, by Anna Bauer & Eva Zethraeus. I participate as a model in knitted garments. (ISBN 978-91-89215-57-3) Polaris Fakta 2021

Annika Svensson Contemporary Sensitivities Artistic Interpretations of Ceramics, Swedish Tiled Stoves & Public Installations 2019 (ISBN 978-91-519-0306-4)

Kloka hus – Så skapar vi ekohusen att leva i
Wise houses – This is how we create eco-houses to live in, by Johan Ehrenberg och Gunilla Welin, wine-red tiled stove at page 188 (ISBN: 978-91-7343-985-5) Leopard förlag/ETC 2019

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