Reconstruction of tiled stove

Complements older tiled stoves

Reconstruction of tiled stove from circa 1750. Refurbished with 21 new tiles, decorated by hand in 2006.

Property of Anitra Steen and Göran Persson, former Swedish Prime Minister.

The reconstruction process

I start from the original parts of an older tile stove that needs to be supplemented. Meticulous studies are carried out. In ceramics, there are no shortcuts, so you must always make new samples of previous experiences. The answers are only visible after firing when colours, surface and shape appear.

Shrinkage tests in similar clay in different stages and glaze samples are mixed to obtain the right color shade, matt and gloss, crackles, and apply the brush decoration and make it combine with the glaze. When the material and the pallet are available, plaster moulds are made and dried.

Now the production of the clay tiles begins, they are hand- pressed or cast in the moulds. If necessary, they are sliped and then allowed to be dried, bisque-fired, glazed, decorated and finally glazed.

The commissions usually takes place via a tiled stove maker when the customer wants to have an old tiled stove installed in a new place. Tiled stoves have always been remodeled and moved through the centuries.