Free-standing, green tiled stove

W 0.78 x H 2.22 x D 0.58 m.

Hand-pressed natural red clay tiles, unordered patterns, created using plaster moulds.

All tiles have a white slip and are covered with green glaze and fired in 1030°C. The wood burning stove is built with the construction of five internal flues.

From the centre of the upper back of the stove the smoke is conducted to a chimney through a horizontal pipe. Permanently installed in 2008 in a converted stable near Stockholm, Sweden.

Client: Bergkrantz Arkitektur AB.

This stove has been shown at the Gallery 125 Kvadrat Konsthantverk in Stockholm, Måltidens Hus I Norden in Grythyttan and Nääs Konsthantverk.