Public art at the Swedish Tax Agency, 2015
Ceramic sculptures fired in 1030°C. Mocha ware and turquoise running along the building’s wall. Dripping bulky blobs laying on the banisters, hanging down 1.4 metres.

A play with surface tension and gravitation makes it flow and spill over. The sculptures join the inner court yard with the canteen, with the longest drop running from the fourth floor 6.5 metres down towards the canteen.

The terracotta sculpture evaporates liquid mocha ware forming into a heavy drop measuring 5.35 metres in height.

“The presence of the three sculptures add a healthy surrealism [to the place], as if the Swedish Tax Agency had suddenly cracked at its seams.

What is that flowing out? Light blue thoughts, cloudy slivers, a mirrored heaven, a moment of freedom in the heart of the authority’s serious business.

The drops, blobs and slime are childishly entertaining. They are off somewhere, they are in transition, making a point of being on the move.

The objects breaking out and making their own way reflect the employee in the organization, her whims and thoughts, creativity and unexpected progression.”