Golden Collar / Megalith Benches

Public art at Ållebergsgymnasiet, 2012 – 2013

Golden Collar

The art installation in the school’s entrance hall is inspired by the area’s outstanding Ållebergskrage, a golden collar from the circa 450 AD.

Annika Svensson’s Golden Collar is made up of three shimmering rings in golden yellow and green nuances, made from acrylic plastic and aluminium, with golden figures copied from the original collar.

The rings changes colour from yellow, to green, and turquoise blue using led and RGB electronics programmed in different loops.

The rings measure 6, 5.2 and 4.4 metres in diameter, and 20 cm in width, respectively, and are suspended at a height of 7,5 metres from the floor.

The Megalith Benches

by the entrance to the Ålleberg Secondary School are shaped in soft lines in deliberate contrast to the building.

The round benches in concrete and the small elevation covered with artificial grass are site specific installations bearing in mind the elevated greens of the Falbygden area, and its hight amount of megalith graves from circa 3500 BC.

The shapes of the benches and the elevation are clearly visible also from a bird’s eye perspective. The larger bench measures 12 metres across, the diameter of the smaller ones is 5 metres.