Be Optimistic

Public art at Gustaf Dalénskolan,
Be Optimistic is a public art installation on the façade of the Gustaf Dalén secondary school in Stenstorp.

It shows the Panama channel tieing together the Atlantic Ocean in the North-West with the Pacific Ocean in the South- East by a message in intermittent Morse code.

The work celebrates Gustaf Dalén’s invention of the light apparatus and sun valve, thus making all sea fare safer. A true Optimist!

Be Optimistic is created to look like a fantasy animal, but is also a map over the Panama Channel, which is geographically placed in accordance to its proper location.

The turquoise and blue ceramics glimmering like water and ground areas in a creamy white crystal glaze stand out against the school’s exterior, making the work clearly visible from a distance. Especially much so when the light- houses start blinking in the evening twilight.

Stone ware fired in electric kiln at 1240°C. The work measures 6.3 by 3.5 metres.